Hey gang!

As many of you who follow me on Twitter might know, I’ve been writing game reviews for @Jules_party934‘s website Geeky Pleasures for about a month and a half or so now. It’s been absolutely exciting and I’m really enjoying myself! Writing for Geeky Pleasures helped kick start my creative engines, and ever since I started that project, I’ve been writing nearly constantly. Unfortunately, a lot of what I write has no place in a weekly game review column. I thought about resurrecting my old Blogger blog that I created five years ago, but I decided that, after spending a good deal of time with WordPress at Geeky Pleasures (and a brief but memorable tenure at Epic Default), I’d like to relaunch www.cwknight.com using the latest and greatest of blogging technology. So here I am; I have some inexpensive web hosting through Laughing Squid, a freshly installed copy of WordPress, and a bunch of ideas bouncing around my head!

I think that the only way I can sum up my excitement is by saying this:

A blank page represents limitless possibility.

See you here again soon!