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Ray Bradbury Would Be Proud

Ray Bradbury might hate the Internet because it distracts people from libraries, but I’m sure that even he would be hard pressed to find anything but comedic value in some of the gems that the ladies over at Awful Library Books find. Look at some of these things.


Probots. Sounds like a proctology tool.

Turning People On

I imagine that this one is checked out accidentally a lot. Getting a list of the people who check it out would probably be entertaining.

Anyway, you should check out Awful Library Books for more bibliophile hilarity.

The3six5 Project

My favorite blog, Mental_Floss, posted today about an interesting web-project proposed and organized by Constructive Grumpiness called The3six5 Project. Every day in the year 2010, a different writer will post a short journal entry documenting something interesting that happened to them on their day.

Needless to say, I’m enthralled. I can’t wait to see what sorts of perspectives and experiences get posted!

I sent them an email volunteering to write for one of the days. I know that I’m nearly completely unknown (except for my awesome Twitter followers. By the way guys, I love you!), but I hope that I’m accepted, just so I can say that I had a small part in this enormous and exciting adventure!

We’ll see where the journey takes us!

PAX East Orphans

All your friends going to PAX East in 2010 while you’re stuck at home? Perhaps you’d be interested in coming to a get together on the West coast that same weekend. Please vote in the poll to indicate your interest, and please comment if you have any suggestions for locations, if you’re willing to open your home to accommodate traveling PAX East orphans, or if you have any comments.

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Extra Extra Read All About It!

Looks like there’s gonna be enough interest for us to actually hold this little shindig. I think that now is as good a time as any to try to pin down where exactly this is gonna be held. The two front runners for location seem to be Vancouver and Seattle, but if you have a killer idea for somewhere else, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion.

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Secret Santa!!!!

Oh my god oh my god oh my god I got my Secret Santa present today from @Winyder and I am so excited thank you so much!!!!!

This is it:

More Information Than You RequireIt’s the More Information Than You Require audiobook! John Hodgman is one of my favorite writers; his first book, The Areas of My Expertise, is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, and has an audiobook to match. The audiobook versions of his books are amazing, as they play more like radio variety shows than book readings. Returning from his first book are Jonathan Coulton and Paul Rudd (who isn’t on Twitter [boo!]) along with new voices Ricky Gervais, Rachel Maddow, Sarah Vowell, Ira Glass, and others! I am so so excited to listen!

Thank you so much, Winyder! You are a goddamned rockstar!


Hey gang!

As many of you who follow me on Twitter might know, I’ve been writing game reviews for @Jules_party934‘s website Geeky Pleasures for about a month and a half or so now. It’s been absolutely exciting and I’m really enjoying myself! Writing for Geeky Pleasures helped kick start my creative engines, and ever since I started that project, I’ve been writing nearly constantly. Unfortunately, a lot of what I write has no place in a weekly game review column. I thought about resurrecting my old Blogger blog that I created five years ago, but I decided that, after spending a good deal of time with WordPress at Geeky Pleasures (and a brief but memorable tenure at Epic Default), I’d like to relaunch using the latest and greatest of blogging technology. So here I am; I have some inexpensive web hosting through Laughing Squid, a freshly installed copy of WordPress, and a bunch of ideas bouncing around my head!

I think that the only way I can sum up my excitement is by saying this:

A blank page represents limitless possibility.

See you here again soon!


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